PARLYM Group acquires Italian company PROECO

The PARLYM Group is proud to announce the acquisition of PROECO, an Italian company specializing in multidisciplinary engineering in the Oil&Gas, chemical, energy and environmental sectors.

The acquisition of PROECO represents a major step for the PARLYM Group, marking its first significant investment in Europe (outside France) and symbolizing the launch of its deployment on the continent. This expansion now creates two equivalent geographical poles for the Group, in Africa and Europe, and reinforces its position as leader in the engineering sector.

PROECO will continue to operate under its existing brand name within the PARLYM group, maintaining its commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. This acquisition embodies the convergence of two major industry players, committed to constantly improving the quality of their services to meet their customers' needs.

"We are delighted to welcome PROECO as a new member of our Group family. Their reputation for excellence and multidisciplinary approach align perfectly with our strategic objectives. Together, we will leverage our combined strengths to enhance our service offerings, expand our capabilities and accelerate our growth trajectory."

Christophe ARZANO, General Manager, PARLYM Group

"Joining forces with PARLYM Group presents an incredible opportunity to amplify our impact and further stimulate innovation in the engineering services landscape. We look forward to writing a new chapter within the PARLYM Group and setting new benchmarks for excellence in our industry."

Giovanni ARZILLI, General Manager, PROECO

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