Know-how, dynamism and team spirit

Collective intelligence, cross-cutting specialties.

Our Group brings together the men and women who will enable us to have a cross-disciplinary approach and a concrete commitment to carrying out projects with rigour, responsiveness and success.

As engineers specialising in nuclear, electricity, oil & gas and wind power, we cover all the skills involved in the design, construction and optimisation of an energy infrastructure project.

As procurement professionals and equipment suppliers, we supply and ensure the logistics, transport and stock management of the materials required for a project to run smoothly.

With a focus oninnovation, we make it a point of honour to consider methods and practices towards a sustainable energy transition for each project undertaken.

our governance

Johann Charrier


Olivier Tahon

Director General

Nathalie Causse

Director General

Christophe Arzano

Director General

Solid experience, constant flexibility.

For over fifty years, we have been developing our expertise in engineering, procurement, consulting, inspection and project management on an international scale. Spread across Europe and Africa, we take on the most ambitious projects: EPC, power plants, factories, depots, etc.

We have talents and personalities with an informed view of their technical universe. This position allows us to be flexible in our ability to respond to requests and to integrate the constraints and ambitions of each project.

Delivering a response that is as fast as it is qualitative: this is our daily challenge, which has been noted by each of our clients for decades.
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Our subsidiaries

ACI Somagep
Asymptote PM
Parlym Engineering
Hopem Madagascar
Parlym Cameroon
Parlym International
Parlym Monaco
Parlym Netherlands
Parlym UK
Parlym Inspection
Parlym Consulting
TC Africa

Culture of opportunity, controlled projects.

Our starting point is to put ourselves in a position to never refuse a challenge.

Driven by our desire to do the right thing and to work towards a reliable construction policy, we detect opportunities and offer each employee the chance to broaden his or her range of skills. Each person can inspire a direction, propose a project or an initiative that will be supported by the Group's teams.

Our experience in the field allows us to adapt our offers and draw on our know-how to innovate and adapt to sectors that represent a real opportunity in the future of the energies and industries we serve.


The evolution of a Group is only possible with the personalities that make it up.

We have already brought together more than 1,200 people who share our values and our requirements in terms of project management, technical expertise and teaching our customers and partners, making Parlym a leading-edge Group.

Joining Parlym gives you the opportunity to build a career that is as fulfilling as it is reassuring, as committed as it is serene, thanks to the cohesion that prevails.

We make it a point of honor to sign this manifesto in honor of those who have joined us and those who will be joining us in the future. With the same spirit that unites us: intelligent progress.
Make a career

Facilitate tomorrow,
act today.

Our expertise is pioneering in accelerating the energy transition and reducing the environmental impact of our activities and those of our clients.

Our Group observes, detects and makes decisions supported by research and knowledge to have the most positive environmental footprint possible. In an era where environmental issues are a top priority, we have made this a point of honour at all levels.

Our CSR approach encompasses and progresses every day in our management, our use of materials and our use of resources. We strive to reinforce this through certifications and training methods for all employees.
Our commitment to the energy transition
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