Parlym intensifies its commitment to the energy transition

Uniting the skills and expertise of its employees around a global challenge. This is the commitment of the Energy Transition Department of the Parlym Group, a major player in industrial engineering in France and around the world for nearly fifty years. Through several objectives, this new department intends to take advantage of the know-how of the Marseille-based Group, inherited from numerous strategic projects carried out in the energy (nuclear, Oil & Gas), chemical and life sciences sectors.

Decarbonized objectives

As it continues to grow, the engineering group has decided to adopt a low-carbon approach. This is a strategic shift that concerns both its clients and its internal policy. Indeed, by 2027, Parlym's ambition is to devote 55% of its revenues to low-carbon activities. This is a major challenge that also meets the requirements of its customers. "Whether they belong to the petrochemical, chemical or more generally industrial sectors, our customers today need to reduce their carbon footprint and their energy bill," says Didier Laurent, Director of Energy Transition. The new department will focus on these two areas to support its customers in investment projects that will help them limit their energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

To do this, the group is mobilizing its technical and technological skills around three strategic solutions: hydrogen, electricity and thermal energy. "These clusters apply to all of Parlym's activities, from intellectual services to turnkey projects," Didier Laurent emphasizes. Energy audits, electrical conversion, installation of solar shading systems, recovery of waste heat on an industrial scale... There is no shortage of alternatives to improve the environmental impact of the Group's clients, including during the construction and works phases.

Connecting innovation to industry

In order to ensure that all of the company's know-how can be used to benefit the climate and its customers, the new management team is not hesitating to create links between two worlds that rarely meet: industry and sustainable development.The industrial sector has very strong regulatory constraints that we know and master," explains Didier Laurent. This is not always the case for players specializing in renewable energy. Our role is to put them in touch with each other and provide the synthesis to support our clients in their energy transition projects."

This approach is particularly aimed at innovative companies, which are the real spearheads of tomorrow's tools and solutions. "Our objective is to identify them, establish lasting partnerships and promote them to our customers," explains the director. The latest collaboration is with the start-up Enogia. For 13 years, the Marseille-based company has been developing, manufacturing and marketing a range of micro-turbines that convert heat into electricity. With Parlym at its side, the company can now project itself more internationally, particularly in Africa where the Parlym Group is firmly established (5 subsidiaries in Côte d'Ivoire, Cameroon, Morocco, Gabon and Congo). "We trust our new partner and its teams, who design and implement energy infrastructure projects in demanding countries, to promote and market our systems indirectly," said Arthur Leroux, Chairman and CEO of Enogia. A second advantage is access to industry. "Their product is perfectly suited to the needs of industrialists who want to reduce their electricity bills by recovering waste heat," continued Didier Laurent.

To develop its activity in non-carbon sectors, Parlym plans to recruit around 100 employees in France and abroad. "We are looking for engineers in all technical disciplines," says Didier Laurent. Thermal engineers, electricians and project managers are among the positions concerned by the recruitment operation, which has already been launched. Go to www.parlym.com/recrutement to apply.

More information on the Directorate of Energy Transition on www.parlym.com/transitionenergetique

New fund launched

Created last summer, the "Demain" endowment fund aims to finance and implement social and environmental projects. Funded by the Group's projected earnings, the fund will select a number of projects in France and abroad this year. "The idea is to support people in their energy transition and other social issues," explains Didier Laurent.

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